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What Does Temporary Assisted Living Involve?

Our mission at Solterra Senior Living is to serve our community and help our residents live well.

Our mission at Solterra Senior Living is to serve our community and help our residents live well. Our innovative and proactive approach helps residents enjoy peace of mind, and we pride ourselves on being a resource. We respect every older adult’s right to a great retirement and to make their own choices. Going to an assisted living situation may seem like a big step with a lot of uncertainty, so we’re always available to answer your questions, no matter how trivial you might think they are.

One question we receive often is what it means to live in an assisted living community. What’s it like? What can a new resident expect? If you’re starting to think about an assisted living situation for you or a loved one, you might feel a little overwhelmed wondering about this.

First, it’s good to know what an assisted living community is. In general, it’s a residential setting the state has licensed to provide assistance to seniors. This assistance may come in the form of light housekeeping, laundry, and cooking, or more heavy-duty tasks such as assistance in getting out of bed, grooming, and incontinence care. Residents and family members coordinate with the community staff and personnel to determine the amount of care you require.

If you’re not yet ready to move into an assisted living community for the long-term, you may still find it’s helpful to stay for a temporary visit. There are several reasons you or your loved one might consider a short-term stay at one of our assisted living homes. Here are three situations in which temporary assisted living can help you.

1. You’re recovering from surgery or an illness.

Perhaps you’re being discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation home and you need additional assistance in your day-to-day living. If it’s difficult to move around, bathe, and cook for yourself, temporary assisted living can help you with these things until you’re back on your feet. It’s always good to have someone else around to help you remember medication or if the doctor recommends moving around as part of your recovery. Socialization is also an important part of the recovery process; it’s always nice to have someone to talk with!

2. You already have a caregiver, but they need a break.

Having a caregiver is great for you, but it might be hard on them. If they’re a family member who has their own family to take care of or another job, it could be they’re in need of a break. Or what if they have an emergency that requires all of their time and energy for a week or two? In order to avoid burnout and give them some time, you can stay with us for a short stay while they have a rest or take care of their business.

3. Maybe you’re interested in staying with us, but not ready to commit yet.

If you or a loved one are considering moving to assisted living a short stay can help you decide whether you’re ready for it, whether you’ll like it, and whether you’d like to stay with us specifically. We have three communities, and space for a short-term stay may vary by community if you want to try one location in particular. Your acuity and ability to meet the community’s criteria will be assessed prior to admission to make sure we can help with your needs.

Whatever the reason you decide to come to stay with us, once you’ve made the decision, here are three more things you can expect:

Figuring Out How Best We Can Help You Enjoy Your Stay

We take your physical and mental health seriously and want you to thrive while you’re staying with us. Before you move into one of our communities, we make sure to collect your health history and current care information from you or your designated representative, and from your doctors. Between all of us, we can create a care plan that’s just right for you and that will include the services and assistance you need. This is true whether you spend a short time with us or if you want to move in for the long-term.

Good Food and Company

You can expect a good time in the community dining room every day. Enjoy delicious and nutritious chef-prepared meals with your friends. Our chefs provide three meals a day, every day of the week, across a wide variety of styles and tastes. There are many planned special events as well: happy hour, holiday meals, and tastings.

You’re always welcome to provide suggestions if something you’re craving isn’t on the menu. You may join or spend time with our Culinary Council if you want to make your suggestions, give feedback to our culinary team, or even share a secret recipe (we promise we won’t tell!). After all, if you’re not enjoying your dining time with us, we’re not doing our jobs right.

Amenities and Activities to Keep You Moving

It’s important to us that our residents live their lives doing what they love to do. As part of that commitment, we offer a range of daily activities and events, to keep your brain engaged, so that you enjoy as much social time as you want and to nurture your body and spirit. We enjoy facilitating opportunities for residents to meet new friends with similar interests while also addressing individual social, cultural, and recreational needs. Feel like introverting today? Spend some time in the library. Feel like social time? Happy hour to the rescue! Want to spend a night out? How about dinner and a movie?

Altogether, we’re certain you will have an excellent stay with us, whether you’re recovering from surgery, planning on giving your caregiver a vacation, or just testing the waters of living in an assisted living community. We look forward to answering your questions, and you may visit any of our locations or schedule a tour to chat with us in person. See you soon!