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What Are the ALTCS Eligibility Requirements for 2022

Perhaps you have been caring for your aging loved one and it has become apparent that your loved one can no longer care for themselves alone.

Perhaps you have been caring for your aging loved one and it has become apparent that your loved one can no longer care for themselves alone. Maybe your loved one can no longer stand on their own, or perhaps there was a fall and an injury followed, making 24-hour care necessary for your loved one. Maybe your loved one is disabled and needs long-term medical assistance.

Home health care nurses can be expensive and moving into assisted living or memory care can be costly as well. You may be scrambling to find ways to afford the care your loved one needs to survive. If your loved one is a resident of Arizona, consider applying for financial assistance called the Arizona Long-Term Care System, or ALTCS for short. ALTCS is Arizona’s Medicaid program which provides financial assistance to Arizona residents who are elderly or disabled and in need of long-term medical care. The experts at Solterra Senior Living reviews the ALTCS eligibility requirements below.

Non-Financial Eligibility Requirements

To meet ALTCS eligibility, you must be a resident of Arizona and a US citizen or a qualified immigrant. You must have a valid Social Security number. People who are over the age of 65 or have a recognized disability can qualify for ALTCS assistance if it has been determined by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) that nursing home level medical care is required. The applicant must have already applied for all cash-qualifying benefits, such as any pension plans or veteran’s benefits. If you meet the non-financial requirements, you may apply for ALTCS assistance if you also meet the financial requirements listed below.

Financial Eligibility Requirements

For those who aren’t married, financial resources cannot exceed $2,000. If you are married, you can use some of the resources to cover your spouse, as long as they are not also in a nursing home or other medical facility. Resources considered when reviewing financials are checking and savings accounts, rental properties that the applicant is not living in, some life insurance policies, and any stocks or bonds. If you have two or more vehicles, only one won’t count towards your financial resources.

Assets that aren’t counted towards the $2,000 are the home you currently reside in, one vehicle, any burial plots that have been purchased in advance, $1,500 for burial services, and any household or personal belongings. The income limit for 2022 is $2,523 per applicant. If your income is over the income limit, you may still qualify for ALTCS assistance by setting up a trust.

Once you are considered eligible, your share of the cost will be calculated based on gross monthly income and other costs, such as the costs of any dependents, spouse, health insurance premiums and other medical expenses, and any personal needs.

How to Apply for ALTCS

You may start the application process by contacting ALTCS at 888-621- 6880. If you have met all the above criteria, you will have an interview with a social worker or nurse to decide your medical needs and make the final determination. Once you are deemed eligible, you will be assigned a case manager, who will meet with your family to come up with a healthcare service plan.