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4 Amenities to Expect from Peoria Assisted Living

Choosing the perfect location for our senior loved ones to live both safely and happily is difficult.

Choosing the perfect location for our senior loved ones to live both safely and happily is difficult. Your parents are getting older, and those everyday tasks that they once completed without a thought when younger now require a bit more help to complete. You want to find a place they can call home while being cared for and kept safe and secure. You may wonder what kind of amenities are important to find when searching for that perfect spot to call home. Peoria assisted living at the Mission at Agua Fria offers many great amenities that will leave your senior loved one feeling secure in their environment while finding all the comforts of home.

1. 24/7 On-Site Care Staff Available

Knowing that help is just a few steps away is anxiety-reducing for family and for those who need help. In Peoria assisted living, there’s help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your senior loved one is in need of assistance, help is right around the corner, giving everyone some peace of mind.

2. Housekeeping Services

One of the many tasks that seniors need help with is the maintenance of their homes. Keeping their living space clean and organized is an essential chore, and as we age, it becomes even more difficult to do reliably. Having to strip the bedding and load it into a washer and then the dryer is difficult when mobility is an issue. Also having to pull out the vacuum and push it around the home or pull out the mop and bucket and mop the tile or wood floors becomes an impossible task when unable to safely walk around or lift things. Peoria assisted living offers housekeeping services and linen services for their community, assuring residents’ living spaces are kept clean and neat.

3. Pet-Friendly Living

The best way to make a house a home is to bring your pet. In Peoria assisted living at the Mission at Agua Fria, pets are welcome to move in with their owners. Transitioning to assisted living can be stressful, as the unknown is scary at times. Bringing a furry loved one along for the move can ease the stress of feeling lonely and scared.

4. Medication Management

One of the biggest health risks of aging seniors is medication compliance issues. When a doctor prescribes medicines for those who need them, it’s imperative to follow the instructions on how and when to take the medicine. But many seniors struggle with following the directions reliably. Not following doctor’s orders for their medications can cause mild to severe health issues. Fortunately, one of the many benefits of living in an assisted living community is that there is help maintaining medication compliance so the burden is removed from your senior loved one’s daily requirements. Here at the Mission at Agua Fria Senior Living, there are many benefits to joining our assisted living community. You will be glad to call one of our many apartments home.