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Creative Programs Are Essential to Healthy Senior Living

There are many components that go into creating a healthy life for seniors. Exercise, a healthy diet, and a positive living community are just a few.

These are all things that are offered when living in senior living communities in Phoenix, AZ, but there’s another aspect that people often overlook. Creative programs are essential to healthy senior living, which is why BridgeWater Assisted Living in Arizona works so diligently to ensure that all seniors are able to participate in these programs. Here are a few of the benefits that come with participating in the creative programs at a senior community.

Keeps Them Active

Retirement may seem like a time to relax, but too much relaxing can lead to health decline. Having a semi-active lifestyle can assist in the healthy aging process for older people, and creative programs encourage just that. Creative programs are a great way to keep seniors active throughout the day, especially when there are multiple options to choose from. Whether it’s learning to mamba, joining a fun exercise class, or just standing for an hour to paint, the time on their feet can be beneficial to their health.

Helps Them to Find Purpose

It can be difficult for seniors to adjust to their new lives in a senior living community. Many once had thriving careers or families to take care of, and they can feel somewhat lost when it’s time for retirement. That once busy lifestyle comes to an abrupt halt, and filling the time on their own can be a challenge. Creative programs can give them an outlet and a purpose for the free time they have to spend throughout the day.

Encourages Socialization

Though many creative activities can be done alone, completing these tasks in groups can encourage socialization for seniors. With so many activity programs offered at BridgeWater Assisted Living, finding one that feels right to a senior can feel like a calling. This feeling, mixed with the energy you get from being around other people who feel just as happy to be doing creative work, can create a thrilling and enriching social environment.

Stimulates the Mind

Creative programs have many positive health benefits for seniors, but one of the most impressive is the way they can stimulate the mind. With a variety of creative programs to choose from, residents can pick a program that they’ve never tried before. Learning something new can activate different parts of the brain while helping to improve memory and motor skills.

Increase Confidence

Mastering a new skill can make anyone feel more confident, especially seniors. When residents at senior living communities become active in the creative programs offered, they eventually will find their niche. Working through creative programs over time can lead seniors to take up that hobby in their spare time, honing their craft and becoming quite skillful.

Through programs like the arts, seniors learn to paint or draw and have a physical piece of art to track their progress with. Seeing first-hand how they can become better at something they only just learned can help them to feel more confident about themselves and the hobby they picked up. It also gives them something to share with their friends and family who live outside of the community.