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What Services Are Available to Veterans Who Need Assisted Living?

Many American veterans find themselves in need of assisted living as they grow older.

Many American veterans find themselves in need of assisted living as they grow older. Whether this is due to aging, illness, disability caused by an injury, or any other cause, there is a great deal of assistance available to servicemen and women who are in need of it.

Accessing these services is often as simple as applying for an assisted living benefit, which is granted by the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs, or the VA for short. This benefit can help veterans to pay for any care and assistance they may need.

There are a number of services available for veterans in assisted living, with or without this financial assistance. We’ll detail some of them below:

Assistance with Daily Tasks

Each veteran will have specific needs with regard to assistance. Some will be able to perform most basic tasks without much help. Others will require more assistance. In either case, help with daily activities is available.

Some of the most common needs are with basic hygiene—that is, using the restroom, cleaning themselves, and so on—or with getting dressed each day. The preparation of meals is another major one. Veterans may also require assistance feeding themselves. Keeping to a regular medication schedule is also key. With the help of veterans assisted living services, medication can be administered safely and according to the schedule that has been determined by a doctor.


Of course, veterans may also require aid in transportation. This can be in the case of running errands, attending medical appointments, visiting family members, or recreational travel. There are several methods of transportation available to vets who need it. Private drivers can be arranged, or caregivers can help coordinate the use of buses or other public transportation. Many assisted living communities offer transportation services for residents.

Medical Care

In many cases, veterans require 24/7 medical care. Often, disabilities going back to their time serving in the armed forces can necessitate a constant eye from a trained medical professional. Vets may also need assistance with chronic pain. This can mean the aforementioned help with a medication program, or it can mean physical therapy. In assisted living, health conditions can be monitored carefully so that in the case of a medical emergency, a caregiver will be ready and able to provide the necessary help as quickly as possible.

How To Access These Services

Financial aid is available through the VA, though it may also be available through private insurance or other programs. Should VA assistance be required, the veteran must sign up for VA health care and ensure that it’s available in their area. Once the financial particulars have been seen to, it will be necessary to find care nearby that is trustworthy and well-established.

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