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Can I Use Medicaid for Senior Living?

As many Americans approach their senior years, they find they have little to nothing saved for retirement. Not only can that make retirement less enjoyable, but it can also make senior living next to impossible. The good news is that BridgeWater Assisted Living is here to help.

We believe in making senior living available and affordable for everyone. That’s why when you stay with us, you’ll be able to use Medicaid towards your senior living and care expenses.

Not every state accepts Medicaid for senior living. However, the state of Arizona has what’s known as the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS). This program was created to help seniors 65 and older pay for their long-term care needs. Your eligibility under ALTCS is based on a financial and medical assessment. For more information on eligibility requirements, take a look at this information sheet.

How to Qualify

To begin the qualification process, you’ll need to complete an application. ALTCS applications can take up to 60 days to process. However, the program may be able to assist you in finding a place to live before your benefits take effect.

Once approved for benefits, ALTCS will pay for you to live in an assisted living or residential care home. That means you or your loved one will receive all the great benefits that come from staying at BridgeWater Assisted Living but at a reduced cost. Additionally, ALTCS will pay for skilled nursing care, if needed.

How to Apply

To start the ALTCS application process, follow the instructions outlined on the AHCCCS website. If you need assistance filling out the application or have questions, our Community Benefits Advocate is available to help you every step of the way.

Additional Financing Options

Even if you don’t qualify for Medicaid senior living, there are still options available to you. For instance, there are several veteran’s benefits programs to help veterans and their spouses afford quality senior living.

BridgeWater also offers affordable care options for those with limited resources or who are living on a fixed income. That means if you make less than $2,420 per month and require assisted living services, you’ll likely qualify for assistance. In addition to all this, our rent and care rates are extremely low for the quality of care we provide. All this translates to receiving top-notch care at a fraction of the cost.

Once again, our Community Benefits Advocate can help you learn more about our income-qualified opportunities and walk you through the application process. If you’re initially deemed to be an income-qualified resident but deplete your financial resources during the course of your stay, our community advocate can then help you qualify for Medicaid senior living.

BridgeWater isn’t simply a place for you to live. It’s a place for you to call home. We want you to spend your senior years enjoying your retirement, not worrying about how to pay your living expenses. That’s why we help you find the financial solution that works best for you. We believe everyone should enjoy the comforts of modern, upscale senior living, and that includes you!