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Do I Need Short-Term Assisted Living?

As a senior, deciding on the type of care you need can be difficult.

As a senior, deciding on the type of care you need can be difficult. You want to make sure all your physical and medical needs are met, but also that you feel comfortable in your situation. And when you need additional help for a period of time, the pressure to figure out how you’ll be cared for can feel dire.

Luckily, there’s a solution that can perfectly accommodate you during the short periods of time when you need extra help. Short-term assisted living can be accessed at assisted living communities like Solterra Senior Living. This option allows you to join a community during the time you’re in need of care. This community will provide you with a knowledgeable care staff, an inviting environment, and activities and amenities you wouldn’t get at home.

Short-term assisted living is a great option for people who need extra care while recovering from injury or when their typical in-home care provider is away. It bridges the gap during these transitional periods, while also giving you a taste of what it’s like to live at these communities full-time. If you or a loved one has been considering short-term assisted living but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, here are a few of the most popular reasons people choose this option.

Is your family going away?

Family vacations can be stressful to plan when one family member requires full-time care. But that doesn’t mean your family should never go on vacation. It also doesn’t mean you have to be left at the house alone while they’re gone. Going to a short-term care community for the duration of the vacation can give both you and your family peace of mind while they’re away.

This is a great option for people who don’t feel comfortable having a stranger care for them in their home while family or a regular caregiver is away. There’s a sense of security that comes with staying in a community that’s well populated with both seniors and staff. All of your needs can be met while your caregiver is away, with fun activities to keep you occupied so that you’ll feel like you’re on vacation too.

With multiple communities throughout the Arizona area, a Solterra Senior Living location may be closer than you think. Our variety of locations provides convenient options for Arizona residents to join a community ideally located to suit their situation.

Does your caregiver need a break?

Full-time care providers are some of the hardest workers out there. Whether they’re a family member, friend, or a hired professional, if you have someone caring for you at home, you see firsthand how much they contribute to your day-to-day wellbeing. But as fulfilling as the work can be, it can also be draining at times. To maintain their own mental health and wellbeing, caregivers should take breaks when they need to. And they’ll feel a lot better about taking those breaks when they know you can go somewhere where you’ll be well taken care of.

Short-term assisted living is designed so that you don’t have to find a replacement full-time caregiver for a short period of time. Instead of teaching a new person the ins and outs of your home, you can retreat to a senior living community where the staff is able to work in a familiar setting. You’ll feel right at home with your own accommodations and gain access to everything full-time residents have access to. And you’ll feel secure knowing all your needs are going to be met.

Have you recently left the hospital?

If you’ve been injured recently and aren’t quite ready to return home, a short-term assisted living community could be a great place to stay for that in-between time. Recovering from injuries such as hip or knee replacements may take longer than your hospital stay allows, but your healing shouldn’t be rushed. Being in an environment that supports your recovery is as important as the procedure itself and can be a crucial step to recovering fully.

When you’re recovering from an injury, you may require more help than normal, and your home may not be designed to accommodate your injury. Fall hazards will be more of a threat than usual or space might not allow for needed support equipment, such as a walker. In a short-term assisted care community, you can take the time you need to fully recover while being in an environment that’s safe and accessible. The staff there can provide you with the assistance you need so you can focus more on healing and recovery. Plus, there’s an on-site wellness center where you can work with physical therapists without leaving the building.

Are you considering living in a senior living community full-time?

If you’ve been curious about making the transition into an assisted living community, short-term assisted living is a great way to get the feel of a place beforehand. Some assisted living communities with Solterra Senior Living offer the opportunity for seniors to experience their community for a short period of time, and to truly see if it’s the right fit for them.

During this time, you’ll be able to experience exactly what it’s like to live in one of our senior living communities. You can take part in all the activities offered while you enjoy amenities, such as the exercise and wellness center, a full-service beauty salon, laundry and housekeeping service, and more. It also gives you time to get to know the rest of the community. You can engage with the staff and other residents and have a chance to form relationships with people who understand your situation.  

Try the delicious food, enjoy the grounds, and see firsthand what you’ll be experiencing should you live in a senior living community full-time.

If you’re still unsure if short-term care is the right choice for you, you may be better convinced by seeing a community in person. Solterra Senior Living offers potential residents the opportunity to visit the communities they’re interested in.