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Make Fixed-Income Assisted Living Work for You

Many Americans have the cost of living on their minds. Whether it’s rent prices climbing while wages stay stagnant or people being priced out of their neighborhoods after years of living there, more and more people are finding it harder to pay for a place to live. While the problem is widespread, it’s all too often that seniors are left out of the conversation.

If you find yourself needing a little extra help these days, but still need to stick to a budget, it can seem almost impossible to find an assisted living community at the quality you need. At BridgeWater Assisted Living, our residents come first. That’s why we’re proud to offer programs for fixed-income assisted living. You should never have to worry about the roof over your head, so leave it to us to take care of whatever you need.

Income Qualifications

In order to ensure we can offer homes to those who need them, our fixed-income assisted living programs have some basic qualifications. We’re happy to go over them with you in more detail, but the long and short of it is, if you make less than $2,420 per month and need assistance in your everyday life, you’re likely to meet the requirements.

We’ll Help You Through the Steps

As part of our fixed-income assisted living programs, we provide you with the assistance of our Community Benefits Advocates. They’re dedicated to helping you along through all the steps in the process, from determining your eligibility to navigating all the paperwork. After all, what’s the point of offering a program if it’s too complicated to use? Finding somewhere to live can be confusing and frustrating, even if you’re not looking for fixed-income assisted living. Our Community Benefits Advocates are there to give you something that’s becoming rarer by the day: the attention of a living, breathing person who can answer your questions.

Affordability First

We work hard to ensure all our fixed-income assisted living options are affordable from the very first moment. We developed our fixed-income assisted living communities with the aid of federal tax credits, allowing us to provide state-of-the-art care while still keeping costs down.

With that assistance, we’re able to offer a new option for fixed income assisted living. Our rental and care fees are incredibly low for each level of care we offer, and we’re not interested in hitting you with a series of additional fees. There are no community fees or deposits attached to our fixed-income assisted living, only a small application fee at the beginning of the process.

Our Community Benefits Advocates are also available to inform you of all the resources available to you as a resident. Should you decide to move in, only to later find yourself depleting your personal finances, they’ll be able to help with the process of applying for Medicaid (ALTCS). Each of our communities has dedicated housing for Medicaid recipients, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you’ll always have a home here with us.

If you’d like more information or are curious about if you qualify, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to explain our programs in more detail, and we hope that you’ll trust us with your assisted living needs.