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Do You Need Assisted Living?

As we age, living on our own can become increasingly challenging.

As we age, living on our own can become increasingly challenging. We may start finding tasks that once were completed without a thought now becoming harder to do. Some tasks may become scary or dangerous and may even put us at risk for falling or other health concerns. We may have to pause and consider when it may be time for a change in living arrangements. 

Being an independent adult is one thing that can be extremely hard to let go of as we get older. Even though we may know deep in our minds that it’s time to consider asking for help, we may not want to face the threat of losing our independence. We may even avoid asking for the help we need. 

This fear of losing our independence is very real and emotional, but that fear can also be a barrier to staying safe and living a long and healthy life for years to come. Knowing when it’s time to move into assisted living can be helpful both for seniors and their loved ones. 

The Arizona assisted living experts at the Mission at Agua Fria have some helpful pointers on what signs to look for that say it may be time to consider moving into Peoria, AZ, assisted living.

Cost of In-Home Care

Many seniors hire in-home assistance as needed to help compensate for the difficulties they have in completing tasks around the home. In-home help can range from handyman work to a visiting nurse or even a live-in nurse, depending on the level of care needed. 

This type of assistance can be quite expensive. As we hire more and more help around the home to keep food in the house, meals cooked, or our home cleaned, the costs start to add up, and we may realize the expense starts to outweigh the benefit. This is a good indicator that you should consider moving into assisted living, as it could be much more cost-effective than hiring helpers for each task that you need help with around the house.

Loneliness and Isolation

Another thing to consider when deciding if it’s time to move into assisted living is how able you are to access the places and people who bring you joy in your daily life. 

As we get older, mobility can become a struggle, and isolation and loneliness become a concern. Not only does isolation breed depression, but not being able to get around and run the errands you once were able to and enjoy your neighborhood and community can limit your daily living. Being able to drive to your doctor’s appointments, refill prescriptions, pick up food for the fridge and pantry to stay nourished, and carry the food inside and put it away can all be difficult tasks as we get older.

If you find daily living is becoming a struggle and you are interested in consulting with an Arizona assisted living community, consider contacting one of the friendly staff at the assisted living community at the Mission at Agua Fria in Peoria, AZ for more information.