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Which BridgeWater Community Is Right for You?

Choosing the BridgeWater community that’s right for you is important—after all, you know best if you want to live closer to the city or in a quiet suburb, if you simply want assisted living, or if you’re concerned about memory problems in the future. Each community offers the same high-quality amenities, but each location has its own charm.


The BridgeWater Avondale community provides assisted living and specialized memory care services. Resort-style living has never been more affordable or comfortable. Paired with the small-town feel, you’ll fit right in.

North of Phoenix, the Deer Valley community is nestled in a cozy neighborhood setting. Don’t let that fool you. This location offers high-end, cutting-edge technology for assisted living that will boost your quality of life. Here we offer four levels of assisted living service, which your personalized care plan will take into account.

The Midtown community is the closest to downtown Phoenix, specializing in assisted living and memory care. Enjoy beautiful mountain views while you relax in this seven-story community near the lively city center.

Assisted living is a breeze when you live in our northwest Tucson community. You can also find memory care assistance or take advantage of our unique tranquility program. This location also offers respite care for guests so you can enjoy our full range of services and amenities while recuperating from surgery or a hospital stay or to give your caregiver a vacation or a break.


The amenities offered at each of our communities are stellar as well.

  • Staying active. We offer on-site wellness and therapy centers. You are welcome to exercise or use these spaces with your own personal trainer or physical therapist. We believe staying active is key to staying as healthy as possible as a senior. No matter which location you decide to call home, the wellness center is always open to you.
  • Eating well. After a workout, won’t you be hungry? We make sure to provide nourishing, filling, comforting, and delicious food, and all three daily meals are chef-prepared. You can also look forward to a variety of food events such as happy hour, tastings, and socials. 
  • Keeping tabs. One of the technological tools we use at each of our communities is CarePredict, a revolutionary system that allows our residents to feel safe. With CarePredict, certain changes in behavior or patterns can be analyzed and interpreted to provide advanced, intuitive care. 

CarePredict can save our residents from developing potential health issues and can keep hospital and ER visits to a minimum. Through passive sensors inside your home, information is compiled on your daily habits. Changes in these habits alert staff so that your individual care plan can be tweaked if needed.

  • Respectful care. Our main goal is to provide an environment where you or your loved one can relax. We want to create a community where you can live your best life, and we’ll handle the yardwork, maintenance, housekeeping, and food prep for you. We can even drive you to your appointments, outings, stores, and restaurants.

At each BridgeWater community, we pride ourselves on providing you with the care you need in all sorts of scenarios. Contact us today to schedule a tour and find out which of our communities would be best for you or your loved one.