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How Do I Pay for Assisted Living in Tucson?

The cost of living in Tucson is around 10 percent cheaper than most other cities in Arizona. Assisted living in Tucson also benefits from this and comes in at 10 percent below the national median. In addition to the lower cost of living, state-level taxes don’t apply to Social Security benefits, which means that seniors’ retirement income can go further in covering assisted living costs. Nevertheless, budgeting for assisted living services can be challenging, particularly if you need long-term care.

As a highly rated assisted living community provider, BridgeWater knows that calculating how to pay for assisted living can be a worrisome exercise. Here are a few options you could explore to pay for assisted living in Tucson.


The Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALCTS) is the division of Medicaid open to senior and disabled persons who require long-term care and living assistance in Arizona. The ALCTS program covers long-term care at home, adult foster care, senior citizens’ homes, and more. 

If you are 65 or over and reside in Arizona, meet Medicaid income and asset guidelines, and pass a needs assessment, you could be eligible for ALCTS. Since there are no enrollment caps, eligibility means you can receive ALCTS services.

Non-Medical Home and Community-Based Services (NMHCBS)

NMHCBS is Arizona’s state (non-Medicaid) assistance program, which provides services to seniors so they can continue to live at home, rather than moving to a more costly community residence. Although the assistance provided is non-medical, it can include daycare for adults and home modifications necessary to adapt the home to a person’s condition. Arizona residents qualify by meeting age and assistance requirements.

National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP)

NFCSP is a program supporting caregiving at home so families and caregivers may help their loved ones remain in their homes for as long as reasonably possible. Assisted living at home in Tucson can be facilitated by this program, thanks to grants states receive from the U.S. Department of Health, and managed by local agencies from the Area Agencies on Aging Network.

Income-Based Opportunities

Some assisted living communities offer income-qualified opportunities. This means that people with low income or limited resources can qualify to be admitted to select assisted living residences on financial terms they can manage.

Paperwork and confirming your eligibility can be a chore. That’s why at BridgeWater, we have Community Benefits Advocates who can guide you through the entire process. They are also there to help you identify other potential aid options and benefits programs that you may qualify for.

Life Insurance Policy Conversion

A useful way to access funds rapidly is to convert a life insurance benefit into a long-term care benefit. Whatever your life insurance plan, your policy may be eligible for a life settlement conversion, which is another way to contribute to assisted living costs in Tucson. Contact your life insurance company for more information.At BridgeWater, we believe that your senior years should be enjoyable and stress-free. That’s why our staff is always here to help make assisted living in our communities affordable for you. Schedule a tour of our BridgeWater properties today and see if our community is right for you.