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What Does ALTCS Pay For?

Senior living can be expensive. Thankfully, there are quite a few financial assistance options that can help ease this financial burden. At Solterra Senior Living, we accept several different forms of financial assistance solutions to help our residents. One of the most popular financing options for Arizona seniors that we accept is the Arizona Long-Term Care System, also known as ALTCS.

ALTCS is a great resource to take advantage of. But what exactly is it and what does ALTCS pay for?

ALTCS is a form of health insurance for seniors 65 and older. To be eligible for ALTCS, seniors must also have a disability or need a nursing home–level of care. However, you don’t need to live in a nursing home to qualify for ALTCS. You simply need to require that level of care, such as moving into an assisted living community or staying at home with assistance.

Let’s take a look at what ALTCS covers.

Assisted Living

ALTCS is a great tool you can use to help cover the price of assisted living. You could tap into it for both communities that are state-run and those that are privately run. Note that the assisted living community needs to be contracted with ALTCS. Not every community accepts ALCTS, so while you are researching different communities for your future home, it’s important to verify whether each is contracted with ALTCS.

Residential Care Homes

Sometimes, seniors need a level of care greater than what is offered at traditional assisted living communities, something between assisted living and memory care. If the resident still wants that community and neighborhood feel, a residential care home may be an option for them.

You may better know residential care homes as group homes. These homes typically have no more than 5 to 10 residents to keep them intimate and homey. They have 24/7 care available and caregivers living on-site in the home with the residents.

In-Home Care

Some seniors need assistance but do not want to move into a senior living community. Because of this, they may opt to stay in their own homes and receive the assistance they need there.

ALTCS also helps out in this situation by paying for up to 40 hours each week of in-home care. Note, this is dependent on the medical needs of the senior. Additionally, if you do choose in-home care, the state will usually let you keep all your income as well, as long as it is below the monthly limit.

To put it simply, the answer to “what does ALTCS pay for” is that it pays for a variety of senior care. It helps in just about every senior living scenario if you meet the eligibility. You can learn more about ALTCS and the application process on its website.

At Solterra Senior Living, a community benefits advocate can help you determine what your financial assistance options are. Contact Solterra for more information today.