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Which Activities of Daily Living Are Managed in Assisted Living?

As we age, certain activities can become more difficult.

As we age, certain activities can become more difficult. It can be a frustrating experience to lose functionality or even energy to take care of your yard or your housekeeping, especially if you’re used to being independent. Thankfully, there are options available that offer help with just such daily activities. Assisted living communities have staff available to help residents with activities of daily living that get harder with age. And they’ll still allow you to maintain a sense of control and independence. Here are a few of the things you can expect to get help with while living in an assisted living community like the Mission at Agua Fria:

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is any kind of self-care routine a person does to keep themselves groomed and clean. Bathing, shaving, and brushing your teeth and hair, along with any other general self-care activities are an important part of keeping a person healthy and maintaining their quality of living. Whether it’s a question of finger dexterity or extending your reach, you’ll have assistance in taking care of yourself. The staff is there to help you with many self-care activities you may struggle with.


Using the restroom is second nature, until it becomes a challenge. It could be due to mobility or it could be trouble with bladder control, but whatever the cause, the assisted living community staff is there to help. With the kind and compassionate care offered in senior living, you can still live your life while obtaining assistance with continence.


We all know what it means to get dressed for the day, but we may not realize how challenging it can be if you struggle with mobility. Buttoning a shirt, zipping up a jacket, or even just pulling on a pair of pants can be difficult for a person of advanced age. In an assisted living community, it’s one of the activities of daily living you do not need to worry about. There’s help available if you need it.


You have to eat to maintain your health, not only for nutritional needs but to keep your brain and body fueled. It’s one of the most important activities of daily living. Sometimes, the act of eating—not just preparing food, but eating itself—can become difficult to manage. If you struggle with feeding yourself, assisted living communities offer a wide range of services to help. Daily meals can be prepared fresh for you, and assistance during the meal is often offered. With helpful and caring staff, you can be sure to get all the nutrition and comfort you need in the simple act of eating a meal.

Transferring and Mobility

In life, you need to move around to accomplish many things. Reduced mobility can affect your ability to get out and live your life, keeping you stationary and less capable of doing the things you love. In an assisted living community, you can get as much mobility assistance as you need. Whether it’s moving from one room to another, getting up and out of a chair, or rising out of bed to greet the day, your mobility issues won’t get in the way. At the Mission at Agua Fria, we have compassionate and caring staff ready to help you with your daily activities. Give us a call or send us a message today and arrange a tour so we can show you what our community has to offer.