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How Does CarePredict Help Me Stay Safe?

How Does CarePredict Help Me Stay Safe?

One of the most attractive benefits of assisted living communities is that seniors can live independently while also having access to assistance when they need it.

At BridgeWater Assisted Living, we combine outstanding amenities, compassionate care, and technology to provide a high quality of life for our residents.

CarePredict is our revolutionary health management system. Using in-home sensors and predictive analytics, the staff at BridgeWater takes a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to our residents’ health care and needs. 

Keep reading to find out more about how CarePredict can help you stay safe:

Monitoring Daily Activities

With CarePredict, in-home, passive sensors measure residents’ daily activities to establish a pattern of behavior. The CarePredict sensors can keep track of the following:

●        Minutes spent sleeping

●        Any wakeful periods at night

●        Eating frequency and duration

●        How much time was spent walking

●        Frequency and duration of bathroom use

●        Overall activity

Taken together, the wide range of clinical information gives staff a holistic picture of health and behavior. The monitoring capabilities are customized for each individual resident’s health needs and situation. The sensors are discreet, and nurses and staff maintain your privacy.

Assessing Changes in Activity Patterns

Using key data points related to sleeping, eating, bathroom use, and other physical activity, the CarePredict system can quickly detect any changes in patterns. These types of changes often indicate emerging health conditions.

When the system registers a change, it alerts the on-duty nurse. The nurse works together with the care staff to assess the situation and determine whether additional care is needed. For instance, more frequent trips to the bathroom could signal a urinary tract infection that can be easily treated with medication. 

CarePredict allows staff to provide treatment early, which leads to better health outcomes. It’s all done without disturbing the resident in their home unless necessary.

Proactive Case Management

The nurses at BridgeWater Assisted Living use the data gathered from the CarePredict technology to provide daily Health Notes for each resident. These Health Notes include detailed information about activity levels, activity changes, and any assessments completed by the nurse and staff.

Taking all of the information into account, the nurses can propose interventions as needed, usually before a health situation becomes serious. In fact, early interventions often prevent avoidable high-cost care like trips to the emergency room or hospitalizations.

Health Benefits of Assisted Living

BridgeWater Assisted Living communities provide innovative CarePredict technology free of charge to all residents. But the health benefits of assisted living don’t stop there. We believe in caring for the body, mind, and spirit of everyone who calls BridgeWater home.

Every location has an on-site wellness and therapy center, helping you stay physically fit and active. Delicious, chef-prepared meals provide healthy nutrition to keep you strong. Daily activities and events with other seniors give you the chance to socialize and stay mentally engaged.

With several beautiful locations offering CarePredict technology, you’re sure to find the right community for you with Bridgewater. Contact us today to find out more, to schedule a tour, or to talk to one of our Community Benefits Advocates about financial solutions that can help make assisted living a reality for you!