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How Much Does ALTCS Pay Caregivers?

If you have an aging loved one who requires daily help with basic living requirements, you may be wondering how to ensure they are properly cared for and safe. Perhaps you are looking into moving your senior loved one into an assisted living community, but the costs are prohibitive. Maybe you or another family member spend hours each day caring for your loved one without any compensation and are wondering if there is any way to make the current caregiver situation affordable for everyone involved.

The good news is if you live in the state of Arizona, there is a Medicaid program called the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) that is a part of the AHCCCS Medicaid program which compensates caregivers for up to 40 hours a week, depending on how many hours your senior loved one qualifies for by their program after being assessed by a caseworker. 

You may be wondering how much ALTCS pays caregivers? You may also be wondering if you can use the funds from ALTCS to pay for an assisted living community for your senior loved one instead of providing caregiver services in their current home. 

The assisted living experts at BridgeWater Assisted Living discuss below the details of how the ALTCS caregiver program can work for you.

How to Qualify for ALTCS Benefits

The ALTCS program eligibility is based on both medical and financial need. The person in need must be 65 years of age or older or have a qualifying disability, must be a US citizen and must reside in Arizona, since this program is a state-specific program to Arizona residents. The person in need must also apply for all other eligible benefits first, such as their pension plan or any VA benefits provided to them.

Medical Requirements

To determine medical necessity for ALTCS benefits, the person in need must meet with a case worker to determine the severity of their limitations around the activities required for daily living, such as basic hygiene needs, using the bathroom, mobility issues around the home, dressing themselves without help, etc. 

Mental and cognitive behavioral needs are also considered during the evaluation process.

Financial Requirements

To meet the financial criteria for ALTCS benefits for 2023, if the individual is single, their monthly gross income must be less than $2,742. If married, the spouse’s income must not exceed $2,523, or if both partners work, their gross monthly income must not exceed $5,484. Any financial assets such as bank accounts, financial investment accounts, and any owned property, among other assets, will also be factored into their financial need when determining if they qualify for ALTCS benefits.

What Does the ALTCS Program Cover?

ALTCS benefits can be used toward in-home caregivers, but they can also be used toward paying for the cost of living at an assisted living community, which comes with numerous benefits, such as round-the-clock care, security features, and daily activities with a like-minded community to enjoy time with. If you are considering becoming a caregiver for your loved one, you may wonder how much does ALTCS pay caregivers? This dollar amount varies, but typically falls around minimum wage at an hourly rate, up to 40 hours a week maximum. With ALTCS benefits, you decide where your senior loved one resides, however, if you choose to move to an assisted living community, you must choose one that is ALTCS participating, such as BridgeWater Assisted Living. Schedule a tour today via our website and come check out our upscale, yet affordable senior living!