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Is It Too Soon to Make Your Senior Care Plan?

As we age, our needs change.

As we age, our needs change. It’s important to make a plan for these changes. Senior care plans focus on creating a plan of action to support these changes, physically and financially. Creating a plan ensures there is crucial support and proper care for seniors and the loved ones responsible for their well-being When should you start preparing senior care plans? With rising costs, it’s increasingly important to start planning now. Read below to learn when and how to create an effective plan for your future; maintain the highest possible quality of life no matter what life stage you are in.

Early Planning Is Key

Start creating a senior care plan before you need it. You may think you have plenty of time, but the earlier you start, the more time you have to build resources for the level of care you will need when you need it the most. If you wait until you are ready to retire, you may find you don’t have enough money or support for proper care, resulting in high medical bills. Protect your future and start planning in your 20s. Costs are rising and Medicare may not cover all of your expenses, which is especially true if you plan on benefitting from senior living such as assisted living or memory care. Relying on Medicare or charitable services such as veterans benefits limits what type of care you receive. These services often don’t cover in-home medical services or senior living, only allowing for adult daycare or some home care. The earlier you start, the more time you have to save money. Start early, make a plan, and create options for your future.

What Is a Senior Care Plan?

Senior care plans are tools for assessing needs and preferences for senior care. An effective plan clearly defines these needs as well as your care goals. Do you plan on living at home with support from an in-home nurse or do you prefer independent living at a senior care community? Will you rely on family for care, or healthcare professionals? Though you cannot predict what level of care you will need in the future, you can define what your preferences are for long-term care. Your plan should delegate who is responsible for your daily caregiving, how the costs of care will be covered, and what to do in emergencies. Create a plan of action that answers these questions:
  • What is your budget?
  • How can you start saving money now?
  • What other resources are available to help you?
  • Which family members can help with daily tasks or in the event of an emergency?
  • Will you move to a senior living community?

Who Benefits?

You and your family can benefit from a care plan. If you choose senior living, you are putting your care first as well as removing the burden from your family. Relying on family for care can create unnecessary stress on your loved ones who don’t have the proper training, time, finances, resources, or assistance for proper care. Our caring healthcare professionals at the Mission at Agua Fria Senior Living are committed to serving your independence while providing necessary assistance. Get the level of personalized care you need while aging with dignity.