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How to Cope When Your Parent Needs Memory Care

When it’s time for your parent to enter memory care, it’s difficult for everyone.

When it’s time for your parent to enter memory care, it’s difficult for everyone. Even knowing it’s the best decision for them doesn’t eliminate that. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to make the process easier on everybody. Read on below to find some helpful tips for how to cope when your parent enters Peoria memory care.

Don’t Ignore Your Own Health and Well-Being

You want to be there for your parent. But you can’t do that until you take care of yourself as well. Make sure you are getting enough rest, exercise, and nutrition. And look after your mental health and emotional well-being too.

Look Into Joining a Support Group

While you may feel alone, there are many people out there who are dealing with the same thing. Your parent’s memory care program may even be able to direct you to one. If you have any friends or acquaintances who are going through the same thing, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Try to Make the Adjustment Go as Smoothly as Possible

See if you can bring some of your parent’s belongings to their new apartment. It will greatly help if the new place has as many familiar things as possible.

Another way to ease the transition is to visit the memory care community ahead of time. See if you and your parent can come in for a tour. And on your visit, ask as many important questions as you need to.

Also, once your parent has moved in, make sure you can communicate often. And figure out the best schedule and frequency for you to visit.

Stay Informed

Make sure that the Peoria memory care team keeps you up to date about your parent’s condition. It will not help you cope if they leave you in the dark. Hopefully, the program will have kind, caring, and communicative staff. Over time, they may even start to feel like part of the family.

Choose the Right Community

The best way to cope is by knowing that your parent will be in the best Peoria memory care. While you may feel some sadness or guilt about your parent entering a memory care program, remember, it’s supposed to be the best thing for them. That’s why you should be very well informed about the program before choosing it.

In addition to the program itself, make sure your parent will be as safe as possible. This includes the security of the memory care center as a whole. It also means making sure your parent’s apartment will be designed with their safety in mind. And that if your parent needs any assistance, it will be provided to them.

When your parent moves to the Mission at Agua Fria, you can have peace of mind. That’s because our program is the best around. You can rest assured that your parent is getting the best care, taking part in an excellent program, and being looked after by the most highly qualified and caring staff. You can find more information about our Peoria memory care program on our website.