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You’ll Have All You Need at the Solterra at Chandler Senior Apartments

Choosing the right assisted living home or retirement community is an easy thing to worry about. You may be unsure what you’ll require as you age, whether there’s a history of dementia in your family, or what may happen in the future if you’re met with an accident.

One thing that we at Solterra Senior Living pride ourselves on, though, is being able to provide peace of mind about these concerns. Solterra offers many levels of care, whether you require it now or anticipate it in the future. While you stay with us, you’ll have all you need at the Chandler senior apartments.

1. Levels of Care to Cover Everyone’s Needs

Whether you’re moving simply so that others can take up the housekeeping and maintenance on your home, or whether you’re in need of additional help in your day-to-day life, our friendly and highly trained staff are prepared to help you with what you need.

Perhaps you aren’t ready to move to an assisted living community, but you do need some help while recovering from an illness or injury. Maybe your usual helper needs a vacation or has an emergency of their own. No matter what you’re going through, we can help you with short-term or respite care or rehabilitation care. We have physical therapists on staff who can come to treat you in the safety and comfort of your own apartment. Once you’re back on your feet, you’ll also have had a little taste of what life would be like in an assisted living community, without having gone to the trouble of packing up your whole life first.

If you need a little help in your day-to-day living, such as with dressing, bathing, or getting around, assisted living might be your speed. We have one-bedroom apartments in a variety of floorplans that you can personalize to make your new quarters your new home. We encourage bringing your own furniture and items when you move in so you have your familiar treasures around you. Just because your location has moved doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. Small pets are welcome as well, so your cat or small dog will keep you company as you benefit from our helping hands.

And, of course, if your memory isn’t what it used to be, or if there is a history of dementia or Alzheimer’s in your family, we have excellent amenities and experienced staff who can help you live your life to the fullest.

2. Amenities and Tools at Hand for Anything You Could Want

Not only does Solterra Senior Living provide excellent care, but we streamline as much as possible so you have all the information you require at your fingertips. Bills and invoices are presented on the same page all at once, including all utilities and cable TV, which we bundle together for your convenience.

Hungry? We have excellent restaurant-style dining, with tasty and nutritious food. If you have a special craving, or if you want to share a favorite recipe with us, we’re all ears. We love learning new things and secret recipes. We know that these can be the foundations for prime memories if your life, and we’d be honored if you wanted to build on it with us.

Looking for entertainment? You don’t have to leave the building if you don’t want to. We have a movie theatre, a billiards room, a private library, and beautifully landscaped courtyards for you to enjoy. Common areas are available for you to host guests, or you can meet with the friends you’ve made in your apartment. All of our communities are designed with style and comfort in mind, so you can be sure to enjoy the spaces we have, no matter what you’re looking for.

And, of course, there’s the worry-free living we can provide for you. If you have a lightbulb out, or if the toilet’s plugged up, our maintenance team will fix it for you. Housekeeping and linen service means you don’t have to make your bed or do laundry if you don’t feel like it (though, you can if you want to!). If you’re concerned about your health, we have licensed nurses and other personnel on staff around the clock. Your peace of mind is our priority.

3. City of Chandler, Arizona

Of course, not everyone wants to stay inside all day. There are plenty of things to explore and discover in Chandler and the surrounding area. On average, Chandler receives 297 sunny days a year, so you can make the most of it on your adventures. There are many parks in the city and a vintage train ride on the Desert Breeze Railroad. Chandler is in the southeast part of the Greater Phoenix area, so you can be certain that anything you need is within reach. Another perk of living at Solterra is that we can chauffeur you to any destination you might need to get to, whether it’s a medical appointment, a historic point of interest, or the airport.

If your family comes to visit, or if you and your friends want to take a day trip, there’s always something happening in Chandler. It is considered a family-oriented city, with many events that everyone will enjoy. Consider various art-centered events such as the ArtWalk and visiting the Center for the Arts, or stop by historical western-themed attraction Rawhide at Wildhorse Pass. The annual Ostrich Festival is one of the “Top 10 Unique Festivals in the United States,” with events for everyone, including multiple entertainment bands, special gifts, food vendors of all stripes, carnival rides, and live ostrich displays.

You can also take in some culture and learn something at any one of Chandler’s many museums. The Arizona Museum of Natural History, Arizona Railway Museum, Arizona Science Center, and Musical Instrument Museum (among others) all await you.

We hope we’ve allayed any concerns you might have about Solterra Senior Living in Chandler. We would love to meet you and answer any further questions as well. Visit our website to schedule a tour, and we’ll show you around your new home.