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3 Fun Things To Do When You Visit Your Grandparents in Senior Living Communities

Visiting grandparents is special and can make for some of the best memories.

Visiting grandparents is special and can make for some of the best memories. Baking with grandma, fishing with grandpa, creating traditions, and celebrating with them during the holidays are such special moments to look back on. The great thing is that quality time doesn’t have to stop if your grandparents move to a senior living community. Many of these communities, such as Solterra Senior Living, are great places to spend time with your grandparents. In fact, they might even be more fun.

1. Restaurant-Style Dining

We all know food brings people together. Good food brings people together and plays a big part in the memories we create with our loved ones. The meals prepared by our chefs here at Solterra are nutritious and tasty, which is why we host many food events regularly. Enjoy a meal with your grandparents in our beautiful dining rooms. Let us take care of you so you can relish (pun intended) the time with your grandparents. Our Culinary Council cares about our residents and appreciates feedback, suggestions, or maybe even a favorite recipe.

2. Spend Time Outside

Living in senior living communities in Arizona makes it easy to be outdoors most of the year. Getting fresh air and enough vitamin D regularly greatly adds to your health and well-being. Our living communities boast beautiful landscapes so our residents and their guests can enjoy being outdoors year-round. The views from the courtyards or garden terraces are a beautiful and relaxing place to spend time with your grandparents or maybe taking a relaxing stroll through our beautiful parks.

If your grandparents enjoy an active lifestyle, they can regularly take advantage of the transportation services we provide. There are always shopping trips as well as leisure outings planned to enjoy together if you are like them and want to get out to have fun.

3. Relax Indoors

Spending time indoors and enjoying one of our many activities is a must when you visit your grandparents. Take your grandparents to a movie in one of our media rooms and enjoy a large-screen showing of your favorite movies you used to watch together. Meet some of their friends and get a game of cards going. We have a billiards table as well. Playing any of the various games on the billiards table is another fun way to bond with your grandparents. Solterra Senior Living also offers residents a full-service salon right here on-site. Going with a grandparent to help them find a new look is not only fun but helps them feel good about the way they look.

Spending quality time with a grandparent in a senior living community is very easy to do with so many fun activities available to them every day. When you’re not spending time with your grandparents, they can enjoy these activities without you. In addition, they can appreciate the Solterra private library, stay connected with you in our computer lab, and take charge of their health at our wellness centers, among utilizing many other amenities. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our community, our kind and caring team would love to chat with you.