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3 Benefits of CarePredict at BridgeWater

There are many things at BridgeWater Assisted Living that set us apart. The BridgeWater difference is evident in our communities, rates, and lifestyle options. But one thing that truly sets our assisted living communities apart is CarePredict. This is our revolutionary health management system that allows our residents even more independence and a higher quality of life.

What exactly is CarePredict? It consists of in-home sensors for each apartment that have predictive analytics capabilities. This allows us to detect any changes in the daily activities of our residents that can help to indicate potential health issues and/or changes in health. Our trained nurses and care staff will then be alerted to these changes, allowing them to intervene early.

Here are three benefits of CarePredict at BridgeWater Assisted Living.

1. It Monitors Sleeping, Toileting, and Other Activities

Some of the most important activities that are monitored by CarePredict technology are sleeping and toileting. Changes in either of these, such as restless sleeping or increased bathroom activity, can indicate a potential health issue. This is something that our nurses and care staff want to know about so they can be proactive.

The in-home passive sensors will monitor these activities as well as other daily activities. Key data points are gathered. By analyzing this data, CarePredict can then detect changes in patterns that could possibly point to any emerging health conditions.

2. It Provides Assessment and Outreach

Once CarePredict notices changes in a resident’s daily patterns, our nurses are alerted. Our trained care staff assesses the concern, and since they’re on-site, they have the full context of the situation and know our residents personally. Our care staff can identify a potential threat based on this data and address it properly.

3. It Quickens the Response to Changes in Patterns of Daily Living

In addition to alerting our care staff, our nurses provide daily Health Notes. These notes detail the changes in the activity of our residents. They also include insights provided by the assessment and proposed interventions that can help. Our case staff then uses these notes to proactively facilitate any interventions or treatments. This then helps to prevent further high-cost care, such as ER visits or hospitalizations. It also helps to slow down or even stop health issues from worsening due to faster detection and less downtime.

Every BridgeWater Assisted Living apartment has CarePredict. It allows our care teams to “see behind the door” in a way that is non-invasive and private but increases you or your loved one’s quality of care. Our staff can provide you or your loved one with better and even more personalized care. This all results in better outcomes for our residents and a higher quality of living.

If you or your loved one are interested in learning more about our communities or about CarePredict, please contact us today. We would love to hear more about you and your personal needs.