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What Are the Options for Senior Transportation in Tucson?

For seniors living in the Tucson area of Arizona, it can be a struggle to stay active while also comfortably getting from place to place.

For seniors living in the Tucson area of Arizona, it can be a struggle to stay active while also comfortably getting from place to place. Between trips to see the family, visits to the doctor, and other critical appointments, not to mention sightseeing and leisure activity, travel for older people can be confusing, exhausting, and expensive. It doesn’t have to be, however. There are plenty of options for senior transportation in Tucson. We’ve outlined a few of them below.

Take the Bus

Tucson is a big city, but it fortunately has a thriving public transportation system that savvy seniors can take advantage of. Creating a bus route does require some planning, however. Most trips will require a transfer or two to get you to your ultimate destination and back. There’s help available for this, of course: a phone call to 520-792-9222 will put you in touch with a representative of Sun Tran Tucson, who can help you put together a personalized trip plan.

For passengers hoping to avoid using cash, you can pay for your trip (at reduced senior rates, of course) by using a SunGO Smart Card.

Use a Ridesharing Service

Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft are available, of course, and there are also new options in the Tucson area that are designed to serve seniors specifically. This can be an even better option than public transportation, simply because it’s faster and can get you to your destination directly, without any stops or transfers along the way.

Ridesharing services that are designed specifically for seniors have a few advantages you can enjoy. Many prefer to use the services of older drivers themselves to give riders someone they can relate to. These drivers are also trained in CPR, which can provide additional peace of mind to any passengers who may ride with them.

Take Advantage of Solterra Independent Living’s Senior Transportation Services

While ridesharing and public transportation are both great options for senior transportation in Tucson, the best choice of all would be to opt for a personal caregiver to act as a driver for you. This is because a caregiver is trained specifically to provide assistance to seniors. They can help you with any need you may have along the way while getting you safely to your destination.

For seniors who require care but don’t want to give up their active lifestyles, Solterra Senior Living offers transportation included with their other services. This means that highly trained, experienced caregivers with clean driving records and a friendly, compassionate demeanor will get you from place to place whenever you need it.

A major benefit of utilizing the services that Solterra Senior Living offers is the financial aid option. Transportation costs can add up, as can the cost of regular assisted living, but a good financial aid program can help you to afford these expenses. Often, many long-term care insurance services can help to pay for assisted living. You may also be eligible for benefits if you are a veteran.