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What Assisted Living Services Are There in Peoria AZ?

Assisted living is designed to help seniors who need assistance with daily activities.

Assisted living is designed to help seniors who need assistance with daily activities. They may no longer be able to take care of themselves without supervision. The Mission at Agua Fria provides assisted living services in Peoria, AZ, that help you live life to the fullest while also making sure you’re able to keep your maximum level of independence. But what exact services does an assisted living program entail? Read on below to find out more about the assisted living services available in Peoria, AZ.

Personal Care Services

Staff is available to provide assistance with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, grooming, mobility, continence, toileting, and others as necessary. These services can also make sure residents keep up a daily routine, which is better for their wellness. We will work with you to see what personal assistance you do and don’t need.

Another personal service The Mission at Agua Fria has is an on-site beauty salon. So residents can get haircuts and some pampering.

Residents get housekeeping and linen services provided weekly. And there are also laundry rooms available in our assisted living communities.

Health Care Services

Medication management, assistance, and administration is a service that includes reminders to take medication. If a resident forgets to take their medication and doesn’t have these reminders, it could lead to serious issues. Our staff makes sure that doesn’t happen.

An on-site physician’s office is available as needed, such as for regular checkups.

Transportation Services

Most assisted living residents don’t have access to cars. However, that doesn’t mean residents are stuck in one place. One of the services at The Mission at Agua Fria is that there will be scheduled arrangements for transportation. So residents are able to travel to any local services. This can include grocery store shopping trips, general errands, or off-site appointments.

Meal Services

Here at The Mission at Agua Fria, we provide meals that are both nutritious and delicious. The meals are chef-prepared. We have restaurant-style dining, which offers opportunities to socialize and make new friends. We make sure residents get three delicious meals a day plus snacks. And, don’t worry, you won’t just have the same thing to eat every day.

Services for Activity, Entertainment, Socialization, and Wellness

Enjoy the common areas, including a gym, game room, computer room, lounges, theatre, chapel, and more. Plus, you’ll love the large, beautiful outdoor areas and walking paths. These amenities will ensure residents always have something to do so they’re not bored or melancholy.

There are also plenty of scheduled activities, wellness classes, and opportunities that encourage socializing. And there are enrichment programs designed to make sure every resident is engaged and interested. These services boost the mind and spirit, helping residents feel better about themselves and make new friendships.

Safety and Security Features

A major reason people decide to enter assisted living is because they need help staying safe. Assisted living centers have 24/7 security and can provide care 24 hours a day. We also make sure our apartments are designed to be as safe for residents as possible. For instance, the showers are walk-in or wheel-in. And there’s an emergency response pull cord as well as an emergency pendant.

Trained, Certified, and Incredibly Helpful Staff

The nurses, doctors, and staff members on hand are all skilled and compassionate when providing assisted living services. The staff is able to monitor residents while also allowing them to still have independence. On-site staff is available at all hours in case of any emergency.

Short-Term Respite Care in Peoria AZ

Respite care is an assisted living service that is temporary, usually lasting about two to four weeks. There can be several different reasons someone enters this care. One can be if a caregiver is away or needs a break. Another is if you need some recovery time after a nursing home or hospital stay. Or it could be a very helpful service if you want to have a trial run of an assisted living service in Peoria, AZ, before you decide to enter one full-time. Not all assisted living centers also offer respite care. But The Mission at Agua Fria does provide this service.

Memory Care in Peoria AZ

This assisted living service in Peoria, AZ, is designed to help those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or other memory care needs. This program combines different elements, including art, music, engaging activities, and exercise programs. It’s designed for the mind, body, and spirit.

This program also has helpful components like family support services that take your loved ones into account. We carefully track your progress with ongoing evaluations and make sure to keep family members informed too.

Our memory care also includes the same amenities as our assisted living programs. This includes personal services, weekly housekeeping, daily trash removal, transportation, and meal services. Because those with memory loss are prone to wandering off, we also make sure to provide the best security.


When you move into assisted living at The Mission at Agua Fria, you may worry it will be too much like a hospital or dorm room. However, you’ll actually be staying in a private, safe, one-bedroom apartment. The apartments have spacious bathrooms and closet space. Some have kitchenettes. Utilities, including cable, are provided.

All of these assisted living services and amenities are also personalized for each individual. No two people are exactly alike, and we know everyone has different needs and services that will be most helpful for them. A quality assisted living program will consider medical history, individual wants and needs, and personal preferences to come up with the perfect care plan for you.

If any of these services sound like what you or your loved one needs, consider joining us at The Mission at Agua Fria. You can find out more information about our assisted living services in Peoria, AZ, by visiting our website. You can even schedule an appointment to meet with us and discuss your options. And you can always contact us with any additional questions. After all, we’re here to help however we can.