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What Activities Are There at BridgeWater?

When you pick an assisted living community to call home, you want it to provide you with fun things to do. That’s why BridgeWater Assisted Living offers our residents such a wide variety of activities to choose from. We know that residents can benefit greatly when provided with the right activity for them.

BridgeWater activities are created specifically to enhance the happiness of our residents and to keep them engaged in life through meaningful activities.

Movie Nights

Going to the movie theatre is an activity that many of our residents enjoy, which is why we have movie theatres within each BridgeWater community. Residents can enjoy watching a movie with their friends or family without having to go too far away. Bring your popcorn and enjoy everything from classics to newer movies at a BridgeWater community movie theatre.

Happy-Hour Bar

That time in-between lunch and dinner can be a lull, depending on where you go, but that isn’t the case at BridgeWater Assisted Living. Our residents can enjoy each other’s company while having a few drinks at our happy-hour bar. This BridgeWater activity gives residents a chance to unwind while remaining in a safe environment.

Visit the Hair Salon

Looking your best is important, which is why our residents are offered a convenient way to maintain their hair. Our in-house hair salon gives residents the option to get spruced up, and enjoy a relaxing few hours of peace while licensed professionals create their desired look. While alleviating the need to travel far to a salon, this space also creates a relaxing environment that helps residents to both look and feel their best.

Quiet Place to Read

Some people enjoy more quiet actives, and BridgeWater is able to accommodate them. Our residents can always enjoy some quiet reading time in our on-campus libraries. Each library at a BridgeWater community has books and magazines to suit everyone’s taste. An avid reader will feel at home at the library, and residents who haven’t read as much as they’d like now have the opportunity to enjoy a new hobby.

Equilibrium Program

Our exclusive science-based memory care program is one of the most popular activities amongst residents experiencing memory loss. The activities that fall under our Equilibrium program have been designed in an effort to take a more proactive approach toward supporting residents with cognitive decline. Equilibrium uses therapeutic activities, such as art, mindfulness, music, and cognitive therapy, to keep the mind engaged and the body active. This activities program also provides real-time feedback to both residents and their families so that they can track the positive outcomes that come from it.

Take a Stroll

People can benefit greatly from spending time in the outdoors. Taking a short stroll allows residents to exercise their bodies while also giving them an opportunity to socialize if they wish to. For that reason, BridgeWater created beautiful outdoor garden courtyards to be explored by our residents. They can take in the beauty of the space while they enjoy a bit of fresh air.