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What Senior Living Jobs Can I Find in Phoenix AZ?

At Solterra Senior Living, caring for our residents is priority number one. Providing comfortable and affordable housing for seniors was our goal when we first opened our doors, and it continues to be our driving force. We strive to create a welcoming and caring environment not only for our residents, but for our staff as well.

We have plenty of available senior living jobs in Phoenix, AZ, and we would be thrilled for you to apply!

If you want to dedicate your career to the service of those who need it, you’re just the kind of person we’re looking for. Curious? Here are some of the senior living jobs in Phoenix, AZ, that might suit you.


As part of our mission to create a comfortable living environment for our residents, we provide weekly housekeeping services to everyone in our communities. If you’re looking for a senior living job in Phoenix, AZ, but aren’t sure where to start, working as a housekeeper can be the ideal starting point in your career.

Keeping our communities clean, healthy, and presentable is a crucial job, as your attention to detail goes towards creating the second-to-none living experience we pride ourselves on. As a housekeeper, it’s your responsibility to help keep us to that standard.

Kitchen Assistant

Do you have a culinary passion and want to find a senior living job in Phoenix, AZ? Then consider becoming a kitchen assistant. As part of the kitchen team, you’ll be an essential player in making our residents’ meals both relaxing and enjoyable. Before mealtime, you’ll be able to help in the kitchen with some light prep work, such as mixing together salads or preparing desserts.

During the actual meal service, you’ll be able to connect with our residents while serving their food. After service, it will be your responsibility to get the dining room back in order and make sure everything is cleaned and put away properly.

While it may sound like just another restaurant job, it’s anything but that. As a kitchen assistant, you’re a vital part of our community. The difference comes in exactly that: the community. You won’t be serving demanding diners in a hectic service. You’ll be seeing friendly faces as they come together for a meal. After all, the beating heart of any community is a shared meal.


In a Solterra community, our mission is to live well. That doesn’t apply to only our residents; it includes our staff as well. Because our staff members aren’t just employees, they’re members of the community too. If you’re looking for a senior living job in Phoenix, AZ, where you get to really be part of something, being a caregiver may be the right job for you. As a caregiver, you’ll be interacting with our residents every day. That means getting medications to people, helping them get around town, organizing activities for residents, and just providing companionship for the people living under our roof. It can be hard work, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Add in the occasional ice cream social, and what’s not to like?

Wherever you think you fit best, we hope to hear from you. When you’re ready, feel free to download an application and get in touch. We look forward to having you join our community!