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3 Tips for Making Your Assisted Living Apartment Your Own

At the Mission at Agua Fria, we are all about personalized care.

At the Mission at Agua Fria, we are all about personalized care. Not only do we want to make sure that you’re appropriately cared for in terms of your health, needs, and interests, but we also want to make sure your assisted living apartment is perfectly suited for you too.

We offer a choice of four different floorplans for one-bedroom apartments. These apartments are private and some even include kitchenettes. Every single apartment includes a walk-in or wheel-in shower with grab bars, a spacious bathroom, ample closet space, emergency response pull cords, and an emergency pendant.

We know that you enjoy more than just this. You want a space that is not only your own but one that reflects your personality too. That’s why we want to share these three tips for making your assisted living apartment your own.

Fill It with Family Photos

It can be a bit scary to move into this unknown place, away from your family, especially for those residents who were living with their family previously. By filling the space with family photos, it allows you to have a piece of home and family with you. It also helps remind you of happy times and beautiful memories as you make new ones. Plus, when your family comes to visit you, they can see themselves displayed in your new apartment. It’s sure to bring a smile to all of you.

Bring Something from Your Old Home

We understand that you’re likely downsizing from somewhere that’s larger and much of your old furniture won’t be able to fit or will no longer be needed. But if there’s a piece of artwork or decoration that you had in your home and loved, bring it with you to your new apartment. Display it in a similar fashion to how you had it displayed previously.

If there’s room and the pieces aren’t that large, bring more than one with you. Some ideas include a bookcase, desk, end table, table lamp, and so on. Just because you’re moving into a new place doesn’t mean that everything in it needs to be new.

Dedicate a Corner to You

Do you have a favorite hobby that you love? Do you read a lot? Draw? Play checkers? If the answer is yes to any of these, dedicate some space (such a corner) to just that. Have a little book nook with a bookshelf and a place to read. Dedicate a place by the window to your art. Set up a little game table where you have your chessboard set up. If you don’t have a hobby yet, as assisted living has lots of activities for its residents—you’re sure to pick one up sooner than you think.

Your new assisted living apartment is a blank slate. It’s a place that’s fully yours and that you can decorate any way you want. Think about what makes you happy and be sure to include it in your new home.