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What to Expect from Assisted Living in Chandler Arizona

Chandler, Arizona, has previously been hailed as one of the “Top 5 Places to Live” by AARP, and it’s no surprise as to why. Chandler is a city just southeast of Phoenix and is the location of numerous parks, museums, a modern and sustainably-minded downtown area, among other many exciting social and cultural events. Assisted living in Chandler, Arizona, will offer more than 330 days of sunshine a year and is an affordable place to call home.

Assisted living in Chandler will include events and activities on-site, such as a billiards room, a theatre, and a library. There are relaxing courtyards, a beauty salon, housekeeping, and linen service, and they even offer chauffeured transportation. At the Solterra Chandler location, there are studio, one-, and two-bedroom accommodations available. There is also independent living, assisted living, and memory care available.

You can expect to be treated with the utmost care and respect, as Solterra is a resident-focused community. The surrounding area only adds to the allure of the campus. With so much to do at home and “on the town,” it’s no wonder Chandler is such an alluring place to call home. Beyond the extensive listing of activities hosted at Solterra, there are myriad other things to do and see in the neighborhoods and communities nearby.

Active Community

There are galleries and shops in Chandler’s unique downtown, and both visitors and residents can enjoy award-winning eats at a number of local cafes and restaurants, many of which have a more international flair. There are cozy and down-to-earth spots offering a traditional meal, sometimes even with music, and many of these eateries have outdoor or fire-side seating to round out the atmosphere.

Some of the museums and galleries host local artists and musicians so they can display and share their craft with the community. There is even an Art Walk every third Friday of the month where you can browse the art and creations of more than 50 local artists. The community of Chandler has a lot to offer all residents of the area and remains a popular place for visitors to visit.

Outdoor Spaces

In addition to all the places to visit for entertainment or a bite to eat, Chandler’s parks and recreation department takes good care of the shared outdoor spaces. There is Desert Breeze Park, which has renowned vintage train rides on their railroad of the same name. The number and types of parks span from lush, green areas, to the Veteran’s Oasis Park, where you’ll find wetlands. Due to the fact that Chandler is still in an arid region, there are also outdoor spaces that take on a more desert feel, with many native plants and animal species undisturbed.

Many neighborhoods maintain open-air, shared spaces as cornerstones of the community, especially as residents of the area enjoy getting outside as much as they can in order to enjoy the weather. Beyond some of the parks and trails around the city, there are also golf courses, outdoor museums and habitats, in addition to numerous “field trips” offered through both community and senior centers.

Events and Activities Galore

The list of activities and events both in and around Solterra’s Chandler location is almost endless. Off-campus there are annual attractions, such as the Ostrich Festival, the Tumbleweed Christmas Tree Celebration, the Greek Festival, and the Jazz Festival, among many, many more. There are multiple shops, cafes, restaurants, and unique locations in downtown Chandler, and with close proximity to Solterra’s campus, there are a lot of things to do on your doorstep.

There is also a keen interest in shaping the area in preparation for the future, so sustainability measures can blend into social and environmental events, like the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, which is a project of the Water Conservation Department, Arts Commission, and the Parks Division. There are five golf courses in town for the avid enthusiast, and numerous trails to walk on cool summer mornings.

Connecting Seniors

The senior-focused community here at Solterra East Valley goes beyond our property line and throughout the city. Chandler’s Senior Center is a great way to connect with other seniors, to hone some of your hobbies and passions, and perhaps even discover a few new ones. They have sessions on arts and crafts, games like bingo, plus a walking club, exercise instruction, a computer lab, and they also coordinate field trips.

The City of Chandler also offers an Active Adult program for seniors to continue aging healthfully. Also, programs that focus on discovery, enrichment, socializing, and keeping active can be found alongside some of the activities at the senior center. Chandler is a haven for new experiences with so many different things to try.

Financially Feasible

The national average for assisted living was about $3,200 in 2019, and Chandler’s cost of living isn’t much higher than the national average. Its relatively low cost equates to about $3,600 in the area. With some of the costs of living covered by Medicaid and other private or public sources, assisted living in Chandler doesn’t have to be out of reach. If you qualify for low-income status, there are sometimes other ways to get funding to cover your monthly living costs. Solterra’s team can help you determine how to help you cover costs.

Assisted Living in Chandler

Chandler is considered to be a very livable city. Solterra’s resort-like assisted living community is located in East Valley and offers a serene place to go on walks, watch hummingbirds, and experience all that the city has to offer. Independent and assisted living at our campus aims to provide a home base from where you can discover and explore the area while knowing that you’ll be comfortable surrounded by compassionate hospitality. Reach out to us for a tour of our community, and we hope to welcome you home soon.