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What Is Respite Care in AZ?

For those who may be unfamiliar with it, respite care in AZ is short-term, time-limited care that can either be planned or emergency.

For those who may be unfamiliar with it, respite care in AZ is short-term, time-limited care that can either be planned or emergency. Respite care is designed to provide relief to primary caregivers of children or adults for an agreed-upon amount of time. You can choose to place your loved one in respite care in a senior living community, like here with us at Solterra Senior Living. There are many benefits to choosing respite care. Here is a brief overview of what respite care in AZ entails.

Recently Discharged from a Hospital or Nursing Home

Respite care in AZ is a good idea for those who are being discharged from a hospital or a nursing home. Bringing them directly back to their home can be a big, overwhelming transition. It also can be a lot for the caregiver, especially if they have just become a caregiver after this hospital or nursing home stay. Because of this, some families choose to place their loved ones in respite care first. This helps to ease the transition back home. Additionally, it’s available if a need arises for any additional help down the road.

A Caregiver Need s a Break

Being a caregiver isn’t an easy job. You’re devoting your daily life to a loved one, ensuring they’re properly cared for in every sense of the word. It can be difficult to find time for yourself, but it’s important to take care of yourself. If you as a caregiver aren’t well, how can you fully care for someone else?

It’s important that caregivers take an occasional break or vacation to focus on their own well-being. It may be stressful to figure out who will care for your loved one while you’re gone, and that is where respite care comes in. It ensures that your loved one will be cared for in a home-like setting by a compassionate team of helpers.

You Want to Try Living at a Senior Living Community

Choosing to move to a senior living community is a big decision. Because of this, some communities like Solterra offer respite care as an option to potential future residents. This allows you to fully experience our lifestyle before you make the final decision to join our community.

When you choose respite care in AZ, you will still be receiving the same quality care that full-time residents of the senior living community receive. This includes the opportunity to attend social activities occurring during your stay, access to on-site amenities such as our beauty salon, as well as the delicious meals that are provided. All of this happens in a safe, pleasant, and compassionate environment managed by a team of trained professionals.

There are certain admission criteria that must be assessed before entering our community for respite care. Space availability also varies by community. If you’re interested in placing your loved one in our respite care in AZ, give us a call today. We’re happy to talk more with you.