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What Are the Benefits of Avondale Living?

If you’re looking for an assisted living community in Avondale, Arizona, look no further than BridgeWater Assisted Living.

Our Avondale Assisted Living Community offers multiple levels of care, a variety of on-site amenities, and comfortable living for all residents. The best way to describe our campus is as a modern, upscale resort-style community. But it does have that small-town, community feel as well.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to choose Avondale living for yourself.


Location is important when it comes to choosing an assisted living community. You don’t want to be far away from things—whether that means local attractions or your family and friends. By choosing Avondale living, you’re in a prime location. Restaurants and shopping are both nearby for you to frequent as much as you desire.

Additionally, there are many outdoor activities, such as world-class golf courses. The Phoenix International Raceway and the Estrella Mountain Regional Park Nature Center are also easy to take advantage of. You can even sign up for programs, classes, and events right at the park.

Resident-Centered Care

Every BridgeWater Assisted Living apartment, including those in our Avondale community, is equipped with CarePredict. This technology allows us to put our patients and their needs first by monitoring their needs and improving their wellness outcomes. It allows our care teams to see a wide range of clinical data, which they can then use to deliver better, more personalized, care to each resident.

The data is carefully analyzed, meaning that our staff is able to proactively see any emerging health concerns. We want to provide a helping hand to each of our residents, while still allowing them to make their own decisions over the services and care they want and need.

All Levels of Care

Our Avondale Assisted Living community provides two different levels of care:

  1. Assisted living
  2. Memory care neighborhood within the community

This means that regardless of the level of care you need, there is a place for you here in Avondale. It also means that if, over time, you do progress to needing a different level of care, you won’t need to move to an entirely different location. You can stay here in Avondale and age in place. This results in a much more comfortable and seamless transition, both for you as a resident and for your family.

In addition to the above, our Avondale residents enjoy many different amenities and services, all at a price that they can afford. There is so much for our residents to take advantage of, both on and off campus. The location allows for easy accessibility to nearby attractions, with transportation available. Our resident-centered care makes sure you receive the best possible care available. Finally, having all levels of care in one place makes life easier for you.

If you’re interested in Avondale living, please reach out to us today.