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What Is Short-Term Assisted Living?

When you think of assisted living, you likely think of a long-term care home.

When you think of assisted living, you likely think of a long-term care home. However, assisted living isn’t just that. There is also short-term assisted living, sometimes also known as respite care, that’s available for those who need it. This type of care can either be planned in advance by the family or occur as emergency care.

There are a few different reasons as to why someone may need or want to take advantage of short-term assisted living care.

Recent Hospital or Nursing Home Discharge

It can be a great change going directly from a hospital or nursing home back home, both for the patient and for their caregiver. This is especially true if the caregiver has recently become one after this hospital or nursing homestay. Choosing to place your family member in a short-term assisted living community helps to ease the transition for both of you. Additionally, it provides you with more time to figure things out, such as any changes that must happen in the home the patient will be going back to—such as the installation of a ramp or other accessibility features. It also allows for additional help in the care of your loved one if any issues arise.

A Caregiver Needs Time Off

Being a caregiver is a selfless act, and it can be draining. It’s important as a caregiver that you remember your own health and well-being too. You cannot properly care for someone if you’re not taking care of yourself first. Because of this, caregivers need to make sure they take some time off for themselves, whether this is for a staycation, a vacation, or because they have something else they need to focus on for a certain amount of time.

When that happens, it’s important to know that your loved one is in good hands with the full amount of care they need, just as you would give. This is where a short-term assisted living community comes in. They will care for your loved one while you’re getting the break you need.

You Are Not 100% Sure You Want to Move to an Assisted Living Community

Making the decision to move to an assisted living community is a big one, both for the future resident and for their family. Some communities, such as Solterra Senior Living, allow potential residents to experience the lifestyle here before fully committing. If you choose short-term assisted living, we offer the same quality care, delicious meals, and social activities that our full-time residents receive.

There are so many different reasons to choose short-term assisted living. It’s important to note that the availability for short-term stays depends on current occupancy and may vary by community. Additionally, guests must meet the community’s admissions criteria to be admitted. If you’re interested in learning more about short-term assisted living in our community, please contact us.