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What Is the Mission of Assisted Living?

What Is the Mission of Assisted Living?

As we get older, our priorities and needs change. You probably spent your earlier years working hard at your job, taking care of your family, and maintaining your home.

Now it’s time to explore the activities you love without worrying about tedious chores like cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking for yourself, stressing about home repairs, or dealing with traffic. Assisted living’s mission is empowering you to live well by providing the support you need to be your best.

When you choose to make an assisted living community like the Mission at Agua Fria your home, you’re choosing maintenance-free living with the added perks of amenities that nourish your body, mind, and spirit to help you thrive. In addition, you have peace of mind knowing that any assistance you might need with activities of daily living is readily available, night and day.

Encouraging Physical Wellness

When it comes to your physical well-being, assisted living’s mission is to help you maintain your physical health through exercise and therapy, good nutrition, and medical and other assistance. For instance, the wellness center at the Mission at Agua Fria offers exercise programs and physical therapy for residents of all abilities to ensure that their mobility, balance, and fitness stay at optimal levels. Regular exercise and movement help to keep your body flexible and strong but also increase your sense of well-being and improve your mood and mental acuity.

When it comes to feeding your body, the Mission at Agua Fria believes that food should be delicious, nutritious, and fun! Our dining services feature chef-crafted meals to be enjoyed daily in a community environment.

For residents who need a little assistance with medication management, transportation to doctor’s appointments, bathing or showering, or other activities of daily living, assisted living communities offer the support you want. Our caring staff at the Mission at Agua Fria are on call 24 hours a day to provide these services and more.

Stimulating Your Mind

We are all body, mind, and spirit, and assisted living’s mission encompasses all three areas. Residents at the Mission at Agua Fria enjoy a wide variety of activities that improve memory and cognitive function, keeping their minds active and engaged. 

Some of our residents’ favorites include taking advantage of our well-stocked library, playing games like Jeopardy and Family Feud, and attending workshops and seminars. In fact, the Mission at Agua Fria promotes lifelong learning by holding weekly learning events about nutrition, self-care, wellness, and more.

Feeding Your Soul

Human connections and spiritual pursuits are also necessary to live life to the fullest. At the Mission at Agua Fria, our residents embrace opportunities each day to engage their souls, like:

  • Recreational outings like attending a play or visiting a museum
  • Social gatherings in the game, media, dining, or common rooms
  • Artistic expression through art and music
  • Spiritual pursuits like meditation, Bible study, and energy healing
  • Weekly happy hours to celebrate holidays, birthdays, family nights, and more

Live Well at the Mission at Agua Fria

The Mission at Agua Fria takes a holistic approach to senior living. If you are considering making the move to an assisted living community in Arizona, we would love to meet you. Contact us today to schedule a tour or join us for an activity. We think you’ll agree that living well just got easier!