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What Types of Care Are Available at Solterra at White Mountains?

Solterra at White Mountains offers various types of care at its Lakeside community.

Solterra at White Mountains offers various types of care at its Lakeside community. We offer assisted living and independent living, in addition to memory care and hospice care. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our senior residents and making them comfortable in a homey environment.

We offer our residents a variety of amenities and services that can bring lifestyle fulfillment in the comfort of their own homes. Our on-site dining facilities offer restaurant-style meals that are prepared by chefs and cater to an individual’s likes, dislikes, and allergies. In this sense, there is a relaxed, leisurely lifestyle when it comes to our dining room offerings.

We have a selection of accommodations, including studios and both one- and two-bedroom apartment homesteads with all utilities including cable. In addition to restaurant-style dining, we offer a private library, a beauty salon, numerous enticing courtyards, housekeeping services, and transportation services. There’s also a program with an extensive list of activities and a trained and licensed nurse is always on-site, and residents have the option of bringing their small pets along with them.

Independent Living Opportunities

The retirement apartments we offer are private and come with the freedom that you would have at your personal residence. We offer the added benefits of having on-call personnel and providing a space that’s low-key and maintenance-free. For seniors who are still dedicated to living a full and active life, there are numerous opportunities to keep going with what they love, try out something new, or just kick back and relax.

What Is Independent Living?

Independent living is a lifestyle provided for independent adults generally ages 55 and older. There are various forms of housing, but most specifically cater to aging adults and may be more compact, have little to no maintenance or upkeep, and generally offer a more relaxed environment. If an independence community is conjoined with other communities, such as assisted living, there are often amenities, services, and activities that are intended to make your life easier—and much of the entertainment and engagement are close-by or on-site. This can include restaurant-styled dining, barbers, beauty salons, and social engagement.

Assisted Living Opportunities

Senior living at Solterra White Mountains corresponds with some of the highest standards of care for senior individuals. The systems in place are structured to meet our residents’ needs and provide services that fulfill their general lifestyle expectations while encouraging new experiences. When a resident needs help with something like hygiene, grooming, or other care needs, we’re there to support them to the best of our ability while maintaining their independence in things where they are comfortable on their own.

What Is Assisted Living?

When an individual might need more help and care around the house, with other tasks that become more difficult with age, or limited mobility, assisted living steps in to meet the needs and care of the individual where they cannot themselves. In assisted living communities, residents are encouraged to still try new things, such as activities and classes that have been designed to support them and their cohorts. Much like independent living, assisted living can offer the same restaurant-style fine dining and housekeeping services so seniors can focus on caring for themselves and exploring new avenues of enjoyment.

Memory Care Arrangements

Memory care can be a whole new experience for both the individual and the loved ones supporting the patient. This sort of care needs a special level of compassion and attention. The memory care at Solterra Senior Living is aimed at improving the quality of life for residents dealing with the new reality of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Safety, comfort, and care are our top priorities.

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care is a continuation of assisted living where residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s are supported with care, compassion, and a structured environment and schedule that assists the individual in living their best life possible. Nurses and caregivers are trained to understand and help with the issues that arise with memory care and are there to make sure the resident receives assistance with hygiene, medication management, emotional care, and support.

Is Your Loved One Ready for Memory Care?

Many individuals can live safely, happily, and healthfully on their own in the beginning stages of dementia or memory care issues. But as the condition progresses, there may be the need to relocate and rehouse your loved one in a community that has trained nurses, caregivers, and individuals who can support your loved one around the clock and make sure they’re still living their best life in comfort.

Hospice Care Arrangements

Hospice care has the goal of providing comforting treatment and palliative care to improve symptoms and discomfort in a known and comfortable setting. Family support and open lines of communication are key at Solterra at White Mountains. We understand this is a very important time and transition and do our best to meet the wishes and desires of residents and their families.

What Is Hospice Care?

It is a special kind of care that hones and supports the quality of life for people experiencing life-limiting illnesses. This time during the advanced stages can be very challenging, both for the individual and their caregivers. That’s part of the reason that, with incurable diseases or terminal illnesses, the main focus becomes the comfort of the patient.

The philosophy is the acceptance of death as a final stage of life. It’s an affirming time, but there’s no push to postpone or hasten it. It’s accepted that it will take its course and that, in the meantime, life is to be lived as comfortably and wholly as possible

If you would like more information about the types of care at Solterra at White Mountains, we’re here to answer any questions and address any concerns that you might have.