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Your Loved One Is in Good Hands at Lakeside Memory Care

Older adults with memory and cognition problems face a different set of obstacles than other adults in assisted living. Specialized and personalized care can be difficult because obstacles surrounding memory and memory loss affect every area of a senior’s life.

They might experience not just general loss of memory, but also sometimes sudden changes in mood or behavior, loss of ability to speak/hold conversations, an inability to recognize people or places, and the inability to participate in activities. This may be even more dire when the senior is unable to handle their own personal care and daily requirements.

When your loved one experiencing memory loss lives at Lakeside, AZ, memory care, such as Solterra White Mountains, they’ll be in excellent hands. Here are our top three reasons why your loved one will love living in Lakeside memory care:

1. The Personal Touch

Our caregivers focus on giving compassionate and person-centered care. They know how difficult living with memory loss can be, and each caregiver is aware of each guest’s personal history. This sort of background information allows for more mindful communication and understanding and allows conversations and interactions to flow easily. This type of validation is important for those who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, or helplessness in addition to their memory loss. It also creates a more comfortable and safe environment.

Our mission statement includes being certain each resident in our care is the best they can be, whether it’s physically or mentally. Health is imperative as your loved one enters this chapter of life, and we’re determined to make it fun, serene, and enjoyable.

2. Helpful Amenities

Your loved one can enjoy our beauty salon, private library, and extensive activities program, designed to keep residents’ brains engaged and active. Being active is important to anyone, whether or not you’re experiencing memory loss, so our on-site wellness centers are available to help our residents get their blood flowing. They’re also available if you have a visiting physical therapist.

If your loved one needs transportation to leave to attend doctor’s appointments or run errands, we’re happy to arrange that for them and to bring them back home.

3. Excellent Food

Nutrition and diet are important factors in healthy aging. Healthy and delicious meals served in a pleasant restaurant-style setting will tickle taste buds and make residents look forward to what’s served up next.

As we age, eating can become less enjoyable as we slowly lose our sense of taste and smell, and those with memory loss may not realize that they’re hungry at all. Lack of appetite might be a regular complication if someone has certain health problems as well.

In Lakeside memory care, we make mealtimes a feast for the senses, using fresh ingredients and spices in our chef-prepared meals. Having a social mealtime can also make it more enjoyable, as well as slow down the meal, which makes your loved one feel more full.

Even the most active and sharp-minded seniors need a helping hand every so often, and we’re excited to provide it for your loved one. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our Solterra White Mountains memory care community.