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3 Reasons to Love Living in Chandler AZ

People have been flocking to Arizona lately, and many are choosing to call Chandler, Arizona, their new home.

People have been flocking to Arizona lately, and many are choosing to call Chandler, Arizona, their new home. Maybe it’s the weather that draws people in or the convenient location, but it’s definitely become a hotspot. As one of the top five populated cities in the state, this area is booming, and residents come to stay because they truly love living there.

If you’re a senior considering moving to Arizona, Chandler could be a good choice for you. Solterra Senior Living has a premier senior living community in Chandler that will provide you with everything you need for this next step in your life. If you’re thinking of living in Chandler, Arizona, here are a few reasons why you’ll love it.

1) Affordable Senior Living Options

One of the biggest draws of Arizona is the senior living options that are available. Solterra Senior Living has communities across Arizona, and the Chandler location is quite popular. This resort-like community is located in a serene desert setting and is an affordable option for many.

Though you’ll be within a short distance of many appealing destinations, you’ll also be provided with so many amenities within the community that you won’t have to leave. You can live in a beautiful apartment while enjoying things like a beauty salon, restaurant-style dining, a theatre, housekeeping and linen service, and much more.

Still, one of the best aspects of this community is its affordability. Solterra senior living provides ample financial assistance options, including veteran’s benefits, Elderlife Financial Solutions, and long-term care insurance policies to assist you with the costs of senior living.

2) Convenient Location

Aside from Chandler being a great place to live, you’ll be pleased to know that its convenient location allows you to visit other places easily. The city of Chandler and the Chandler Solterra Senior Living community are less than a 30-minute drive to the state capital, Phoenix, Arizona. It’s also close to other bigger towns like Mesa and Avondale. This makes it easy for newcomers to get to know the state by visiting the towns around it.

While there are many day trips to choose from, you don’t have to go far to enjoy yourself. The city of Chandler has many things to do right within its borders. There are plenty of public parks to enjoy, such as Veterans Oasis Park, which has miles of beautiful waterfront paths to walk on. Living in Chandler will also give you the opportunity to visit local museums and top-notch casinos and to have plenty of delicious dining experiences.

3) Wonderful Weather

If you’re drawn to the heat, you’ll fall in love with living in Chandler, Arizona. The city of Chandler has near-perfect weather, with over 330 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 85 degrees. It’s an oasis for people coming from northern states or colder areas. So many days of great weather means there’s never a reason to not get outside and enjoy the outdoors. The beautiful courtyards at Solterra Senior Living will allow you to enjoy your time outside while socializing with people your age. The weather alone is a reason that many people love living in Chandler.