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What Amenities Are Offered with Lakeside Assisted Living?

Assisted living comes with a sweet package deal, and there are certain activities that you used to think of as chores that our staff will handle for you.

Assisted living comes with a sweet package deal, and there are certain activities that you used to think of as chores that our staff will handle for you. For instance, gone are the days of grocery shopping, standing in long lines at the checkout counter, planning and preparing your own meals, and the cleanup required afterward. Instead, you’ll be dining on our fine restaurant-style food. Here are a few other amenities you can look forward to when you choose to make your home at Solterra Senior Living in beautiful Lakeside, Arizona:


Let us handle the mess. This includes laundry service as well—so no more lifting heavy loads or remembering when to switch the wash to the dryer. There is so much more you could be doing, such as browsing our private library, strolling in our landscaped garden terraces and courtyards, or socializing in the media or billiards room. Our friendly and helpful staff will take care of the daily household chores, leaving you free to spend your time elsewhere.

Full-Service Beauty Salons

Looking good and feeling good go together like peanut butter and jelly. Need a haircut, or just a little pampering? You don’t even have to leave the building, giving you more time in your day to relax.

Activity Programs

Your cognitive health is important, so we make sure to address all the different facets of it, including social, cultural, and recreational needs. An increasing number of studies have shown that elders who take care of their physical and mental health tend to have healthier brains than those who let that slide. Activities such as getting regular physical activity, eating healthy meals (such as we provide in our dining rooms), and keeping your brain active can maintain a higher level of cognitive health.

This affects every aspect of your life: how well you think, learn, and remember; your motor functions, including balance; and your tactile functions, such as how well you respond to sensations of touch. In response to that, we make sure to offer a wide range of daily events and activities to keep those brains and hearts pumping. We also have on-site wellness centers, which are available for our residents to use anytime. Of course, if you prefer to meet with your therapist in the comfort of your own apartment, that’s fine too.

Licensed Nurses

Safety is a priority, period. Having licensed nurses available 24/7 is something you can depend on, no matter the level of care you may need. Our community provides an environment in which you can feel safe, especially if you need a hand with medication management or memory loss.

We also have a personal emergency call system, which is customized to fit each of our residents’ needs. While still maintaining discretion, this technology helps our staff deliver better care to each resident according to what they may require. Monitoring this data helps nurses and doctors find patterns, which can prevent health concerns before they become a problem (or a trip to the ER).

If you’re interested in some gorgeous Lakeside assisted living, contact us today.