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3 Reasons to Start Your Assisted Living Career

As people grow older, they become more reliant on long-term health care workers in assisted living communities. Tasks like household chores and basic grooming become more difficult with age, and as the older population begins to increase, assisted living careers are more in demand.

By the year 2029, over 20% of the population in America will be over 65 years old, which is primarily due to the large generation of baby boomers who are becoming older. That means that, in the near future, those seniors will rely on assisted living workers to meet their needs.

Working in an assisted living community like BridgeWater Assisted Living comes with many benefits. You’ll be working alongside staff as dedicated as you while making a significant impact on many people’s lives. A career in an assisted living community requires people with special skills and compassion, and it gives a lot back in return.

Have you been considering a career in an assisted living community? Here are a few reasons why it could be the perfect new career for you.

1. Opportunities to Build Meaningful Relationships

When you have a career in assisted living, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of being in a consistent community. One of the most impactful benefits is the relationships you get to build with community members. Unlike a hospital setting, where patients are coming in and out quite frequently, an assisted living community has many long-term members. Members can stay anywhere between a few weeks to years, giving you time to truly connect with the people you’re taking care of. These types of relationships are why many people working in assisted living happy to come to work each morning.

2. Opportunity to Listen

In an age where things move at a fast pace, having a career in an assisted living community gives you the opportunity to slow down and listen. The community members living at BridgeWater Assisted Living are often older people who have lived fulfilling lives. Many have worked in numerous job fields, fought in wars, and traveled to exotic places. With so many years of living, members are sure to have countless stories they’re willing to share with people willing to listen.

As a worker in an assisted living community, hearing these incredible stories is part of your job. Staff can connect with an older generation and learn valuable lessons that you may not get in other fields.

3. Positive Work Environment

When you enter an assisted living career, you’ll be working alongside other devoted and hardworking staff. At BridgeWater Assisted Living, the staff delivers an unmatched level of care and service to residents by treating each person with the level of compassion and respect they would give their own family.

The culture of the community is kindness, respect, and integrity between residents and staff alike. While maintaining a safe environment, the staff is able to have fun and make a difference in the lives of older people. If a career in assisted living sounds like a good fit for you, then you may enjoy working at BridgeWater Assisted Living.