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What’s Involved in the ALTCS Application Process?

We understand that senior living can be expensive. This is why we encourage our residents and potential residents to have a long-term care insurance policy to help cover the expenses of assisted living.

At Solterra Senior Living, we’re happy to assist you in figuring out what financial assistance is an option for you.

One form of financial assistance we’d like you to know about is the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS). This is the state of Arizona’s Medicaid program. It helps provide long-term care services to Arizona residents who are financially and medically eligible, at little or no cost. It’s important to note that unlike Medicare, the eligibility for ALTCS is needs-based.

Now for the important question—what does the ALTCS application process look like?


The first step in applying is to fill out an application. If you’re unable to fill this application out yourself, you can have another person act on your behalf. During the application process, you must provide documentation that proves you meet the financial and non-financial eligibility requirements. Also, in order to apply, you must be predetermined to need assisted living.

Financial Eligibility Requirements

If you’re single, your countable resources cannot be over $2,000. If you’re married and your spouse doesn’t live in a medical facility, you’re allowed additional resources. However, if this is the case, you must also complete a Community Spouse Information Sheet with your application.

In terms of resources that count toward this $2,000, included are any wages, Social Security benefits, supplemental security income, or retirement or disability pensions. It also includes any savings, checking, or credit union accounts you have, as well as real estate property that’s in your name but that you’re not living in, the value of your life insurance policies, non-exempt vehicles, and any cash and investments you may have (including stocks).

Non-Financial Eligibility Requirements

In addition to meeting the above financial eligibility requirements, there are non-financial requirements as well. First, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) must determine that you need to be in a nursing home–level of care. You also need to be a citizen or qualified immigrant, have a Social Security number or have applied for one, and be a resident of Arizona. You need to apply for all cash benefits that you may be entitled to, such as VA benefits or pension. Finally, you need to live in an approved living arrangement. This includes your own home, an AHCCCS-certified nursing home, or an assisted living community.

The ALTCS application process can seem tedious, but it’s well worth it. If approved, it will provide the financial assistance and peace of mind you and your family need. The first step in the ALTCS application process is to determine if you’re eligible to receive it. If you meet all the above criteria, we encourage you to apply for ALTCS.