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What to Expect From Dementia Care in Chandler

Caring for a loved one with dementia is far from easy, and the choice to turn to outside help for their care can also be very difficult.

Caring for a loved one with dementia is far from easy, and the choice to turn to outside help for their care can also be very difficult. Understandably, you and your family will want to make sure your loved one gets the best dementia care available. We believe we can offer just that at Solterra Senior Living. Read on to find out more about Chandler-area dementia care.

Understanding of Each Individual Person

When a senior enters Solterra’s dementia care program in Chandler, we make sure to already understand them as an individual—not a number. Before they enter our community, we take the time to learn about their health history. In addition to personal medical history, we also look at family medical history. This allows us to create the perfect individualized dementia care plan for each of our residents.

We also understand that each individual has a whole team of people who love and care about them and their health. That’s why we make sure their families stay informed on the health of their loved ones and the care they receive.

Incredible Chandler Dementia Care Team

At Solterra, our staff has the proper experience and expertise to care for dementia and other memory loss conditions.

Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and memory loss are delicate and often difficult conditions. They can lead to emotional outbursts, incredible frustration, unusual pain, and wandering moments. Our care team is highly experienced and well-trained to care for dementia care patients. This means they will remain patient and understanding and know exactly what to do. They will continue to provide excellent, compassionate care no matter what.

Chandler Dementia Care Apartments

Residents can also bring items and furnishings from home. This can help make the transition easier and more comfortable, as the individual will have familiarity. They are also able to decorate however they’d like to personalize their surroundings and show off their style. They’ll also be part of a great community. We’re sure our apartments will feel like a new home in no time.

Our community also has beautiful courtyards and surroundings. Residents will love taking walks and appreciating the beauty of nature.

In addition, our apartments come with weekly housekeeping services.

Families can also rest assured that the apartments are safe, as they are designed with seniors’ needs and movements in mind. There is plenty of security, which prevents intruders and keeps dementia care residents from wandering. Residents are well-monitored, and 24/7 emergency response is available just in case.

Best Quality of Life as Possible

Our Chandler dementia care includes many helpful services. We have options for multiple levels of needed assistance, including medication management and assistance with activities, such as dressing and bathing. We also make sure to help residents stay as independent as possible.

We also keep residents active and socializing. We have plenty of special activities and events to bring joy, learning opportunities, and new friendships. Our care team will ensure that residents get to these activities.

We’re sure you’ll see that Solterra Senior Living is everything you need and more. You can find more information on our dementia care in Chandler, as well as our assisted living services, on our website.

Contact us at any time with questions. You can also arrange a tour to get an idea of what our dementia care is like in person.